Dr. Taheri Yeganeh

Dr. Taheri Yeganeh has been able to establish 5 specialized bioresonance clinics in three major universities of Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan during 15 years. In these clinics, patients are assisted in the diagnosis and treatment of psychosomatic as a diagnostic aid. He has always believed that the main cure is from God's energy and that doctors are the mediators. And bioresonance technology is an aid to work for physicians and psychologists.

MedvrtWhat is bioresonance?

Simply put, bioresonance is a science that deals with the body's magnetic waves. When organs and cells in the body become diseased, their electromagnetic waves change. In bioresonance science, the change of magnetic waves is measured and an attempt is made to return them to their original form and state. As a result, we will see an improvement in one's health.


Honors and properties of bio-resonance technology

In this technology the human body is considered as an integrated system and the basic...

History of Medical Bioelectronics and Bio-resonance

history of Bio-resonance and exploration of the use of radiation in the diagnosis and treatment...

Treatment procedure

How bio-resonance treatment technology works Avicenna the majesty:The physician’s aim is restoring health to the...

Diagnosis plan

The summary of bioresonance technology diagnosis plan Our medical team located in Moscow honors to...

book of bioresonsnce


Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a fixed frequency Any form of life has its own unique spectrum...

Why us

There is no treatment or treatment based on the new medical prescription in this center and no chemical or herbal medicines are prescribed for the patients. We work with the Damon Life Exacerbation Center, using magnetic technologies and sophisticated non-invasive, non-therapeutic digital systems. Then, by combining the digital data obtained from the tests and collecting the behavioral and insight data of each person, we achieve several specific practical solutions for each person.

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